Red Collignoniceras

This is a real fossil, 3D scanned with photogrammetry and lighted in red hue, it's about life and death, is it alive if it's rotating?

This work is UHD 60 FPS

Nacho Frades

We are Nacho Frades and Antonio Blanco Tejero, CG artist and Composer respectively.
Here in Blackdove we present our videoart and cg content creations.

Nacho Frades is a Spanish artist from Madrid born in 1967. His first contact with art was through books and works of art which filled his home and what struck him deeply was a portrait of El Greco painted on a piece of furniture. By the time he was 10 years old, Nacho had began to draw a lot and was constantly visiting museums around the city and subsequently joining the CBA, one of the most important private cultural centers in Europe, characterized by its open attitude towards outstanding innovative artistic trends. At the CBA, Nacho developed a very strong drawing practice and went on to do a Masters in the south of Spain with Antonio López. Following this, Nacho began working in the animated film industry where he developed a strong passion for digital painting, leading him to create two movies in the space of six years. Frades has been a full-time digital painter since 2005, creating works that inspires a futuristic subconscious. His works are in private collections, of United States, United Kingdom, Spain, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Caribbean, Poland, France and others. He’s also a writer with a book of meditations published at the moment.

His formation begins in 1987 with his first painting program, he has completed his studies of:

Interior designer (IADE University), Atrium Academy (Mainly Charcoal), Madrid Fine Arts Circle (Círculo de Bellas Artes). Arts & Cratfs Degree, Fine Arts Master (Complutense University), Particular teacher of Computer Graphics. Master with José Caballero. Master with Antonio López.

He has participated in the fairs, galleries and publications as Affordable Art, London. Brian Walker Gallery, Chicago. Perdurabo Art Gallery London. Vogue’s gallery july 2017, Vogue’s gallery august 2017,. Vogue’s gallery september 2017.

He has a Goya Prize of the Academy of Film and Television of Spain, among others.

Antonio Blanco studies as composer are mainly developed among Spain and Italy.

He has the bachelor degree in composition in the Superior Conservatory of Music of Seville, Mater in contemporary composition by the G. Verdi Conservatory of Milan. Master in music teaching in the University of Valencia.

He also studied chorus and orchestra direction and also stage direction in G. Verdi, Milan.

He is Pianist and also writer.

His most admired masters in contemporary music, Gabriele Manca and Alessandro Solbati in Italy, and José María Sánchez Verdú, and J.M. López López in Spain, has helped him to develop new languages, that has been extrapolated by him to Film industry and Theatre.

In the film industry he makes direction, script, and is the composer of the score in the short films “Gesten”, directed with Alberto Díaz, “Roma: 3 Variazioni” directed with the photographer José Guerrero, and “Don’t Touch” directed with Máximo Huerta. In the stage his featured works are “Il Parco”, and “Blanco” for theatre and dance.

Among others, his prizes are:

Clásica 2009. Resident artist in the Royal Academy of Spain in Rome 2015-2016. Latin American creators in Mexico by FONCA 2010 or McDowell Colony in the United States in 2018, among others.

He has taught seminars over his music in different institutions like LENS school in Madrid, the Royal Academy of Spain in Rome, Albumarte gallery in Rome, the Cervantes institute of Milan, the Medellin EAFIT University, the National conservatory of music and University District of Bogota, the Arts center San Luis Potosí, and House of Spain in Mexico, or the Latin American Atelier of New York.

His avant-garde music, althought is inluenced by “Flamenco” in part of his production, is habitually performed by famous musicians, chorus and orchestras, as Alter Ego, NeoArs sonora, Q-Arte srings quartet, Pomeriggi Musicali orchestra of Milan, or the performers as Manuel Zurria, Elena Casoli, and Aldo Campagnari, among others, being his compositions premiered in most prestigious concerts programs in contemporary music in the world, as “Series” of CNDM and in the most important international festivals as Nyköping guitar festival in Sweden.

Now, he is composer for National Center for Music Diffusion and SGAE Fundation, and is teaching superior degree cycle of composition in the “Música Creativa” of Madrid.

Antonio has been the author of some videoart pieces in the recent past, one of them is in the Bulgari Collection and has been shown all around the world.

Other artworks by this artist