Diana de Avila is an award-winning artist who has acquired savant syndrome and synesthesia. Her artistic gift arrived suddenly and explosively after a relapse of multiple sclerosis and worsening traumatic brain injury (TBI) in 2017.

Diana is the subject and co-author of her new book “Soldier, Sister, Savant.”

Diana 's artwork

Digital Valium Series: In Bloom

A fractal that looks like it is blooming - hypnotic and beautiful with gentle music and sounds. This piece will relax and help wash away the problems of the moment. An immersive experience.

Finding My Way

An NFT on OpenSea this abstract motion piece captures longing and challenges met and overcome.


A geometric, fractalized motion art piece.


A subtle abstract casecade in motion

Heart of the Machine

This is a fractal manipulation that has been reconstructed from quadratic Bezier curves and then put into motion with dispersion.

Playing Around

Fractal self-similarity put into action with a touch of Josef Albers to influence some of the shape and color.

Floatie Thing

A collection of fractalized abstract works put into a motion. Watch as little forms multiply and fly in and out of the frame.

Kaleidoscope Waffles

Like waffles floating in space. Pass the maple syrup!

Cellular Aquarium

This is a fractal turned into a time-based piece with fish.

All the Little Fishes

A datamosh of fractal pieces put to audio - a little macabre. This piece is an NFT available on OpenSea Audio composition and art produced by Diana de Avila