Refik Anadol is a media artist and director born in Istanbul, Turkey in 1985. Currently lives and works in Los Angeles, California. He is a lecturer and visiting researcher in UCLA’s Department of Design Media Arts.

He is working in the fields of site-specific public art with parametric data sculpture approach and live audio/visual performance with immersive installation approach, particularly his works explore the space among digital and physical entities by creating a hybrid relationship between architecture and media arts. He holds a master of fine arts degree from University of California, Los Angeles in Media Arts, master of fine arts degree from Istanbul Bilgi University in Visual Communication Design as well as bachelors of arts degree with summa cum laude in Photography and Video. Co-founder and Creative director at Antilop.

As a media artist, designer and spatial thinker, Refik Anadol is intrigued by the ways in which the transformation of the subject of contemporary culture requires rethinking of the new aesthetic, technique and dynamic perception of space. Anadol builds his works on the nomadic subject’s reaction to and interactions with unconventional spatial orientations. Embedding media arts into architecture, he questions the possibility of a post digital architectural future in which there are no more non-digital realities. He invites the viewers to visualize alternative realities by presenting them the possibility of re-defining the functionalities of both interior and exterior architectural formations. Anadol’s work suggests that all spaces and facades have potentials to be utilized as the media artists’ canvases.

Privileging difference rather than singularity and movement rather than stasis, Anadol faces all the new challenges that the gradual development of an enriched immersive environment and ubiquitous computing impose on architects, media artists and engineers. How is our experience of space changing, now that digital objects ranging from smart phones to urban screens have all but colonized our everyday lives? How have media technologies changed our conceptualizations of space, and how has architecture embraced these shifting conceptualizations? These are the three main questions that Anadol tackles by not simply integrating media into built forms, but by translating the logic of a new media technology into spatial design.

He has been given awards, residencies and has served as a guest lecturer. He is the recipient of a number of awards, prizes including Microsoft Research’s Best Vision Award, German Design Award, UCLA Art+Architecture Moss Award, University of California Institute for Research in the Arts Award, SEGD Global Design Award and Google’s Art and Machine Intelligence Artist Residency Award. His site-specific audio/visual performances have been seen in Walt Disney Concert Hall (USA), Hammer Museum (USA), International Digital Arts Biennial Montreal (Canada), Ars Electronica Festival (Austria), l’Usine | Genève (Switzerland), Arc De Triomf (Spain), Zollverein | SANAA’s School of Design Building (Germany), santralistanbul Contemporary Art Center (Turkey), Outdoor Vision Festival SantaFe New Mexico (USA), Istanbul Design Biennial (Turkey), Sydney City Art (Australia), Lichtrouten (Germany).

Refik's artwork

Chapter 14: Multitasking

Chapter 14: Multitasking By: Refik Anadol Quality: 4K

Virtual Depictions : San Francisco Documentation

Public art commission for 350 Mission Building in City of San Francisco, California. ‘Virtual Depictions:San Francisco’ is a public art project by media artist Refik Anadol consist of series of parametric data sculptures that tell the story of the city and people around us within a unique artistic approach for 350 Mission’s media wall in collaboration with Kilroy Realty Corporation / John Kilroy and Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP Architects. The main idea of ‘Virtual Depictions:San Francisco’ is to bring 21st century approach to public art to define new poetics of space through media arts and architecture and to create a unique parametric data sculptures that has an intelligence, memory and culture. Through architectural transformations of media wall located in 350 Mission’ lobby, home of Salesforce, main motivation with this seminal media architecture approach is to frame this experience with a meticulously abstract and cinematic site-specific data-driven narration. As a result, this media wall turns into a spectacular public event making direct and phantasmagorical connections to its surroundings through simultaneous juxtapositions. The project also intends to contribute to contemporary discourse of public art by proposing a hybrid blend of media arts and architecture in 21st century. When creating this public artwork my goal was to make the invisible visible by embedding media arts into architecture to create a new way to experience a living urban space. _ Medium: 6mm LED Media Wall Dimensions: 40' x 70' Custom Software (VVVV), 90 minutes long dynamic visual experience in 12 chapters. 8 Channel sound. _ Shot ,edit and color-correction: Refik Anadol Music: Goldmund - Threnody (Unseen-Music) Sound Design: Kerim Karaoglu _ refikanadol.com/works/virtual-depictions-san-francisco/ _ CREDITS Virtual Depictions: San Francisco By Refik Anadol _ Commissioned by: Kilroy Realty Corporation John B. Kilroy, Jr. _ In cooperation with: The City of San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee John Rahaim, Director of Planning _ Project Partners: Arup Sensory Interactive Sansi North America Skidmore, Owings, and Merrill LLP Webcor Builders WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff _ Art Consultant: DPA Fine Art Consulting Deanna Postil Krawczyk – Michelle Isenberg _ Refik Anadol Studios: Refik Anadol / Efsun Erkilic / Raman K. Mustafa Kian Khiaban / Toby Heinemann / Rob Tom Browning / Bahadir Dagdelen / Yusuf Emre Kucur Daghan Cam / Sebastian Neitsch / Johannes Timpernagel / Sebastian Huber / Kerim Karaoglu Studio Management by DG Hunt & Associates, LLC _ Special Thanks: Nicole Stromsness / Sarah MacIntyre / Douglas Giesey / Craig Hartman Michael Fukutome / Eric Cole / Josh Cushner / Eric Covrig / Jason Cox / Pat Green Julie Goodwin / Amanda Brownlee / Shannon Knuth _ VVVV vvvv.org/ DX11.Pointcloud vvvv.org/contribution/dx11.pointcloud Evvvvil Tweet Engine vvvv.org/contribution/evvvvil-tweet-engine

Wind of Boston : Data Paintings

Wind of Boston: Data Paintings is a site-specific work that turns the invisible patterns of wind in and around Boston into a series of poetic data paintings within a 6’ x 13’ digital canvas. By using a one-year data set collected from Boston Logan Airport, Refik Anadol Studios developed a series of custom software to read, analyze and visualize wind speed, direction, and gust patterns along with time and temperature at 20-second intervals throughout the year. The resulting artwork is a series of four dynamic “chapters”, each using data as a material to create a unique visual interpretation of the interaction between the environment and the city. Each chapter brings different aspects of the data sets to life with distinct and varied painterly, emotive aesthetics, making visible the invisible beauty of wind as a natural phenomenon. Each of the four chapters focuses on one distinct characteristic of the Wind of Boston. The first chapter, Hidden Landscapes highlights the anemometer’s most radical readings to create immaterial, spatial experiences. Porcelain Memories recalls the intangible power of a gale when reimagined outside of the traditional constraints of time. Sea Breeze explores the paradox of soft gentle wind blowing from the sea to the site in the harsh cold of winter. Gust in the City is a top-view visualization that explores the phenomenon of high speed winds in short bursts and the constant unseen poetic dance between the forces of nature and the built environment. The visualizations are custom programmed and precisely calibrated to the technical specifications of the seamless, high-resolution LED screen to create spectacular depth, rich contrast, and poetic movement within the digital canvas. Visible daily from 8AM to 11PM from both interior and exterior, the artwork is located in the lobby of 100 Northern Avenue at Fan Pier. Commissioned by The Fallon Company to compliment the architectural design by HOK, it is the latest addition to the public art landscape of the Seaport District, also home to the Institute for Contemporary Art, Boston. For process video: vimeo.com/197981546 / CREDITS _ PROJECT BY REFIK ANADOL STUDIO MEDIA ARTIST & DIRECTOR REFIK ANADOL _ COMMISSIONED BY THE FALLON COMPANY JOSEPH F. FALLON RICHARD MARTINI _ STUDIO TEAM MEMBERS & COLLABORATORS RAMAN K. MUSTAFA / KIAN KHIABAN / TOBY HEINEMANN / NICK BOSS ROB TOM BROWNING / BAHADIR DAGDELEN / YUSUF EMRE KUCUR / KERIM KARAOGLU _ ART CONSULTANTS : DIRECTIONS IN ART JULIE WHITE RATNER / JOANNE BRODY SPIELMAN _ PROJECT MANAGEMENT DG HUNT & ASSOCIATES, LLC _ TECHNICAL APPLICATION : DIVERSIFIED PHIL FORTUNE / MITCH RABIL / MIKE FINNERTY / BRIAN MCKEON _ HARDWARE PROVIDER : PLANAR _ SOUNDTRACK : MAX RICHTER - THE CONSOLATION OF PHILOSOPHY SOUND FX DESIGN : KERIM KARAOGLU