Chapter 15: Room to Room

Chapter 15: Room to Room
By: Phillip David Stearns
Quality: 4K

Inspired by the labyrinth 3D screen saver from Windows 3.1, this work is a study of islamic architectural features, repetition, and spatial disorientation. The notion of a labyrinth as a singular, fixed path, or a maze with impassable walls, is here inverted. Every turn leads to an encounter revealing not a boundary, but a repetition of architectural form. After a few turns, one becomes disoriented as there is no fixable, unique point of reference. This sensation of an endless journey with no clear sense of direction or progress is meant to reflect Sofia's experiences in dealing with Saif during his birthday retreat.

Phillip David Stearns

Born in Austin TX. Studied Audio Engineering and the University of Colorado in Denver and Music Composition at Cal Arts. Living in NYC since 2009. Working as an artist, designer, artistic director, creative technologist, and more.

Has exhibited internationally at TATE Britain, The Photographer's Gallery (London), NYU Art Gallery (Abu Dhabi, UAE), Diagonale Gallery (Montreal), Transfer Gallery (NYC), Fridman Gallery (NYC), The Park Avenue Armory (NYC), and more.

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