The work is an ironic twist on a few classic holiday tropes: an evergreen forest dusted in a fresh blanket of powdery snow; a roaring fire radiating glowing warmth; the sky cast a deep blue violet streaked pink from the setting sun; the camera slowly tracks outwards, gently fading between angles. This picturesque setting envelopes a not so subtle message of ecological stewardship, linking the commercially idealized images of the holiday season with hyperbolically imagined byproducts of the consumption it facilitates.

Phillip David Stearns

Born in Austin TX. Studied Audio Engineering and the University of Colorado in Denver and Music Composition at Cal Arts. Living in NYC since 2009. Working as an artist, designer, artistic director, creative technologist, and more.

Has exhibited internationally at TATE Britain, The Photographer's Gallery (London), NYU Art Gallery (Abu Dhabi, UAE), Diagonale Gallery (Montreal), Transfer Gallery (NYC), Fridman Gallery (NYC), The Park Avenue Armory (NYC), and more.

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