This is a companion piece to my Fall time-lapse from a few years ago. I wanted it to be the polar opposite of the first one. Not just the Fall vs Spring. But wide shots vs close ups, everything in focus vs shallow depth of field, very cuty vs one shot, contemporary music vs classical, static camera vs moving camera.

I shot on a Canon 5D MK2 with a 24mm prime lens. To achieve the continuous motion I used the Dynamic Perception Stage One Slider.

All in all this took 3 years to shoot. I shot over 8TB of 5k footage. It's finished in 4k.

Jamie Scott

Jamie Scott is a New York based English visual effects artist, time-lapse photographer and filmmaker with over 20 years of industry experience.

Scott always wanted to be an artist, and from the age of 8, he knew he wanted to be a visual effects artist (although he didn’t know the name for it then). All of his educational choices were informed by this goal. He studied Media Production at Bournemouth University (UK) and majored in 3D Animation. He started his career in 1999 at the multi-award winning post production facility The Mill in London. He rose up the ranks to become a lead Flame artist working on many award winning commercials, music videos and short films.

In 2010 he started to experiment with time-lapse photography. His first full short was titled Fall and documented the fall season in Central Park. The film went viral and was featured everywhere from The Weather Channel to The Huffington Post. His follow-up film, Spring, was even more successful and featured in New York's Times Square as part of Times Square Arts’ Midnight Moments series. It screened on 60 digital displays every evening for a month in 2018. He has since shot and directed time-lapse pieces for notable clients including Dell, Chanel and Florence and the Machine. He continues to experiment with innovative new ways of shooting time-lapse.

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